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Lemon - A Miracle For Beautiful Hair And Skin
Published On: 28th Sep 2016 06:42 am
Even though we go out in the market to get the most appropriate beauty products for ourselves, sometimes we just have to look in our own homes for a better solution. To our very own surprise we may find it too in our own backyard. We are talking about the tiny lemon.

For ages this lemon has been used as one of the foremost and most useful beauty product we can imagine. With its rich content of nutrients it helps you with your skin as well as your hair. Lemon by itself or with any other ingredient makes a very good amalgamation for skin or hair care.

Women In Science
Published On: 27th Sep 2016 03:03 am
More than 25 years have gone by since the U.S. Congress passed the Women in Science and Technology Equal Opportunity Act, which states that it is "the policy of the United States that men and women have equal opportunity in education, training, and employment in scientific and technical fields." But today’s academic field illustrates a different reality than that the U.S. Congress wishes to exist. Even if major advances have occurred in relation to women’s role in education, academic institutions are still not fully utilizing the pool of women scientists they are producing each year.

Eyelash Extension Training: The New Trend To Go With!
Published On: 26th Sep 2016 02:54 am
Ever wondered why celebrity’s eyes look so lovely with or without make up? Well that is due to the eyelash extensions used in their eyes. Eyelash extensions give you advantage over normal and plain eyes by allowing your eyes to look extra ordinarily beautiful.

Longer and fuller the eyelashes, more is the beauty of your eyes with them. There are many girls that have mastered the talent to fix the eyelashes through several eyelash extension training institutes in Australia. One can learn from on of these or get an eyelash extension done in a professional place like parlor.

Essential Shoes for Your Wardrobe
Published On: 21st Sep 2016 03:37 am
From killer heels to comfortable flats and everything in between, there are certain styles of shoes that every woman simply needs in her wardrobe. Those must have shoes are timeless and versatile, while at the same time have their individual styles. Here is a guide to the essentials shoes for your wardrobe and how you can wear them.

Tips For A Healthy Love Life In Your Love Marriage
Published On: 20th Sep 2016 09:08 am
Do you want to know tips on how to maintain a healthy love life in your marriage? Of course you want, who does not? The only reasons you would not care are your marriage is as strong as ever or ending up in divorce.

Let’s assume that you love your spouse and living a healthy love relationship as your main priority.

What Causes Nail Polish Bubbles
Published On: 19th Sep 2016 02:40 am
Hails are like magical white small ice cubes that fall from the sky at a certain time of the year. They are brought on by strong droughts from freezing clouds. When talking about hail, we can talk about bubbles especially those bubbles related to nail polish. Ladies treat their nails like their hair, they can’t go out of the house it. Nails and fingers can make or break a lady’s hand. For fashion addicted people around the world, a light bump on their nail like a bubbly nail polish can make them upset.

Looking Great Every Day of the Week: Beauty and Fragrance
Published On: 15th Sep 2016 04:02 am
When choosing women’s perfume, facial make-up, hair care and skin care products, be sure to select those that best fit your personality and schedule. You are unique, and so are your skin tone, hair texture, and body fragrance. What works well for another might not work well for you. So, let your individuality come to life when choosing beauty products. Here’s how.

Natural Beauty Remedies - Easy To Follow
Published On: 14th Sep 2016 04:05 am
Time and again, skin experts and beauty counselors have stressed on the fact that a good skin can be developed in natural ways. However, unfortunately only few people realize this. The reason behind this claim is that most of the products that we find in the market these days, are made from chemical substances, which have the potential of creating problems on one’s skin with different kinds of side effects. Every person has a different kind of skin type, and not all products are suited for all skin types, which can lead to some product having some serious reaction on someone’s skin, the effect of which can sometimes even stay for a lifetime.

How To Apply Blush On Round Face
Published On: 12th Sep 2016 01:46 am
Blush is an integral part of your makeup routine and a round face is the perfect shape to experiment on. The perfect blush gives your cheeks a chiselled look and makes your face appear slimmer. A perfect well finished coloured blush gives your face the photogenic look that you were aspiring for. Blush application differs in face shapes. When it comes to applying blush on a round face, you need to keep a few things in mind and follow a step to step process on how to apply blush on a round face.

Seven Home Hair Color Tips for Great Results
Published On: 08th Sep 2016 03:38 am
Some hair professionals may try to discourage you from doing your own home hair color, saying that drugstore hair color products are harsh and the results can be uncertain.

But the truth is that you can achieve excellent results and save a lot of money by coloring your hair at home as long as you know a few basics about choosing the right color and applying it correctly.

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