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Bring out that Boho Fashion sense in you
Published On: 09th Apr 2018 09:39 am

In today’s fast phased fashion trending, a certain style rapidly gaining popularity among Hollywood celebrities, the Boho fashion. Also known as bohemian fashion, this style is influenced by the various combinations of hippie and bohemian. Although it has been around the fashion world since the early nineties, it has repeatedly re-surfaced in varying guises.

Not only that this kind of fashion is very easy to put up, Boho fashion experts suggests that, in expressing you boho style, you don’t have to buy expensive clothes. Just a proper mix of simplicity and elegance plus self confidence will do. Choose the proper combination for clothes, shoes, accessories and make-up because today’s Bohemian Fashion is becoming more of a state of mind rather than just a look or a "fashion trend that will eventually fade in time".
Boho is all about looking individual and natural. Earthy tones are best, with splashes of colors like orange, green, and magenta. Skirts and flowery shirts are good, but you don’t have to wear baggy clothes to be Boho. Shoes can vary depending on your preference. Sandals would be the obvious choice, but boots with legwarmers are also very chic. Have fun with it, and make it cute. For your hair, if you insist upon flat ironing your hair, give it a little curve at the bottom instead of board straight in an emo or indie style. The idea is to make it appear natural. Naturally curly hair is good, or even curling iron enhanced. Braids and afros are also very Boho. To be Boho, the most important thing to bare in mind is the accessory. This is probably the most important part of all. Boho chic is synonymous with "accessories galore". This means plenty of bracelets, ankle bracelets, mix-and-match necklaces, and dangling earrings. It doesn’t stop with jewelry, though. There are headbands, clips, and barrettes for your hair, and belts for your waist. The possibilities are endless. Just make sure they’re a noticeable part of your wardrobe. Looking radian is also a factor, don’t dark lipsticks put on colors that looks natural on you.
Keeping up with today’s Boho fashion is a way to express yourself and connect with the world as well as adorn yourself with the richest flavors of cultures. Today’s global awareness is continuously strengthening this type of fashion. Be one with super model Kate Moss and express that bohemian style in you.
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