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18th May 2018

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How To Style FLORAL
Published On: 18th May 2018 07:48 am

Hey, cuties! Floral is a must for spring! It makes you look fresh and ethereal! So here are some tips and inspiration on how you can style floral this season!

A leather jacket or a pair of combat boots is a great way to add a rock touch to a floral dress.
If you have those kind a days that you wanna look like you tried to look cute but in reality, you got ready in 5 minutes then all you have to do is to throw on a pair of floral jeans and a white tee!
Jacket | Kimono
Choose your floral pattern depending on the style that you wanna achieve.
For example, red roses give an alternative grunge vibe to the look especially when they are embroidered on top, t-shirts or black denim.
Graphic Tee 
On the other hand, daisies and pastel-colored flowers make the outfit look more girly, dreamy and romantic.
Matching Set
The possibilities of the looks you can create with a floral matching set are endless. You can wear it as a set for a fancier occasion or you can wear just the top with denim shorts for a more casual everyday look.
Floral accessories are an easy way to transform any basic outfit into a look.