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The Secrets Of How To Keep Him Interested In You Finally Revealed!
Published On: 27th Jun 2017 03:19 am

Have you ever felt like your relationship was hitting a series of lacklustre moments as the time you spend with each other goes by? Do want to rekindle the fire you once had when you were at the honeymoon stage of your relationship? 
If you know the feeling of obsessing over the fear you have that the fire between you might run out then let this column help you find the answers. 
Love is not something that should be taken for granted. I think that one way of harnessing the love between to people is through keeping the man interested. I know this might appalling to the traditional types who think men are interested in them 24/7. That is where everything spirals down, women like us should know that are hunters and one emotion that triggers this is the interest they have for us. 
By reading this column you will discover some simple and yet very effective ways to keep him interested in you. 
Dress to Impress 
It is not just about looking for the perfect outfit everyday it is about looking attractive even when you are inside the house. For example going on regular waxing appointments and regular body scrubs maintains the freshness and look of the entire body. Always remember to impress him with the way you look and do not let go of taking care of yourself just because you are with him. Show him that you will always look beautiful and your best even if you feel safe with your relationship. 
Something New 
Knowing someone for quite a long time can make them predictable and cause blandness. So, I always make sure to find something really interesting and new to show my man everyday. Like telling him how cute he looks when he is trying to cook or how you are turned on whenever he does housework. These are simple actions and yet it will keep him on his feet and always interested in you everyday. 
Communication Overkill 
In my opinion to keep him interested in you, do not try and make him talk to you every hour of everyday. You eventually will run out of things to say to each other that will make it uninteresting for your man and yourself as well. So remember to keep your lines of communication as interesting by decreasing it and making it more fun at home or while having diner. 
Here’s the most effective way to attract and keep a man: 
This method is so powerful you’ll be able to get the man you want to fall head over heels in love with you instantly. It works no matter if you are trying to get a guy for the first time or ignite an old flame. 
About The Author
Kayla is a relationship expert who has spent years studying and applying advanced methods for attracting and keeping men. She teaches women how to become a http://theguymagnet.org/ on her website.