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What a Girl Needs From Her Mom
Published On: 14th Jun 2018 06:54 am

You, as her mom, start out as the single, most influential voice in your daughter’s life, that may change the day she decides to look elsewhere for a role model. Friends, boyfriends, celebrities and musical artists all compete for her heart, mind and values. So I want to encourage you with some ways to remain or reclaim an inspiration in her life  through some deliberate and intentional actions on your part.

She Needs to Know She Is Accepted    
A young woman needs to know she is accepted by her mom, no matter how old she is. She needs to feel accepted as she is recognizing her uniqueness, in the ways she feels “odd” or out of place in a crowd, and on the days she feels she doesn’t measure up to others around her.
She Needs to Feel a Connection with You
Be the one who initiates an emotional connection with your daughter. Tell her you love her. Even better, show her with your actions. Even if she’s acting like she doesn’t want to connect with you, she will know that you are the one who is reaching out.
Become Interested in Her World
It’s also equally important to listen attentively to our kids when they are dreaming aloud and using their imagination, or when they just want to share an experience that is meaningful to them. I don’t think you ever outgrow the need to be heard. I haven’t. I don’t actually think I ever will.
Cheer Her On, No Matter What 
Our daughters will want to be around people who make them feel good about themselves. So that’s where you and I, as mothers, need to be doing all we can to build them up, not tear them down. Give her time. Allow her to fail. And be her cheerleader every step of the way. She will want you around if you praise her more than you point out what she’s doing wrong.
She needs to hear YES, YOU CAN!
Saying YES can be a huge commitment. I get it. Saying “YES, you can!” is even scarier. We want to protect our children and we want them to experience happies… so we limit them in fear that they will experience huge disappointment.