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What To Do When You Feel Sad
Published On: 02nd Jun 2018 11:36 am

Here are some tips are tricks that will hopefully help you if you are going through something at the moment or just don’t feel good.

1) Find out what’s making you sad
Okay this is really important, maybe you lost someone you were close with or you got in a fight or you got a bad grade. just remember it’s gonna be okay and whatever is making you sad will pass so don’t worry too much things will get in the right place even if you think they won’t
2) Vent to somebody
I am the type of person who doesn’t like to talk about their problems and I just keep all the emotions inside which is not healthy at all, talk to a friend or even write it down you will feel much better after you say it out loud believe me
3) Have a good cry if you need to
Again you are letting your sadness out and if you need to cry it’s alright
4) Listen to your fave songs
Music makes me feel so much better, have a playlist with songs that will boost your mood and just blast it to the max (i can write an article about my fave songs when i feel bad if you guys want)
5) Watch your favourite YouTubers, shows, movies
Funny videos of cats and dogs will make you feel better, promise it works.
6) Go out
If you have the chance go out for a walk or a run and breath some fresh air
7) Spend some time with your pets
Cuddle your pet, play with them or go for a walk with them
8) Remember you can go through it
I know I sometimes think that this is the end and I think I can’t go through something but God and the Universe wouldn’t put you through something you couldn’t handle. life is gonna throw curveballs at you and you have to remember that life are happy moments and the not so happy ones. you will be fine, it can’t rain forever.
I Hope, it made you feel better, stay strong.