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Android app Development Company

Android app Development Company

Today, Participation announced the launch of its first-ever mobile app available for download on iOS and Android. In collaboration with Clear bridge Mobile and GALE, Participation introduced a data-driven mobile platform emphasizing the multi-faceted benefits of physical activity aimed at empowering Canadians to sit less and move more.

Users of the mobile app are given a customized activity goal based on current physical activity levels, and earn entries into weekly, monthly and quarterly draws for tracking activity and consuming entertaining and educational how-to content. The Participation app is dramatically reshaping what it means to live an active life, and pushes for a cultural shift in how Canadians incorporate physical activity into their everyday routine. The mobile app provides creative ways to incorporate fun and customized physical activity into a user’s day so they can achieve their Better, whatever that may be. The app is more than an activity tracker, it helps users overcome obstacles, and form healthy habits, nudging them towards a more active lifestyle.

With the vision of creating a Canada where physical activity is a vital part of everyday life, Participation approached Clear bridge with the goal of building an intuitive mobile presence for Canadians.

Specifically, Participation was looking to engage users with a physical activity app that pushes for a nationwide behavioural change and accomplishes the following:

• Encourage Canadians to be more active on a daily basis
• Capture and present users’ progress towards personal goals easily and in a meaningful way to motivate continued activity
• Present engaging examples of physical activity as video and other customized content
• Educate users of the benefits of physical activity that contribute to a positive lifestyle beyond weight loss
• Help users set attainable goals as the first step towards leading a more active lifestyle


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