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Sponsor 1 month groceries to old age, destitute people - Donate Online to Indian NGOs

 Sponsor 1 month groceries to old age, destitute people - Donate Online to Indian NGOs

Sponsor 1 month groceries to old age, destitute people by donating money to charity: www.serudsindia.org
Nowadays old age persons have lost the respect and love from their family members. The old age persons belonging to poor families are starving because poor families cannot afford to feed old age persons. They face harassment from their own family members. Our volunteers and staff members conducted survey and identified 120 poorest old age destitute women. They are below the poverty line and above 60year of age. Due to financial problems, their family members are not providing sufficient food to these senior citizens. SERUDS has been supporting 20 such old age peopleís groceries for every month.
Help old aged by donating money for groceries:

These old age people requested for monthly provisions to make food stuff as they are suffering with ill-health, not able to take up any employment. We had lengthy discussion with the community leaders and our executive committee members decided to provide ration kit for every month consisting of 10Kgs of Sona Masoori Dry Rice, 1Kg Ahar Dal, 1Kg Sun Flower Oil, 1/2Kg Tamarind, 1/2Kg Coconut Oil, 1/4Kg Coriander Powder, 1/4Kg Dry Chilli Powder, 1/4Kg Salt, 2 ETA Detergent Soaps, 2 Santoor Soaps.

If you desire to make donations online for the groceries to old age persons, you can donate through credit card.

Success Story:

Personal Story:
Smt. Lachamma aged 71 years old belongs to Backward Community. She is living in Joharapuram slum, Kurnool Mandal, Kurnool District. She is having Son and Daughter. Son was migrated to other city for labour work. Daughter got married and gone to her husbandís home. No one is there to look after her in these days. Some times Lachamma suffers due to ill health at this old age. Neighbours help her food, some times she begs in the streets. She lives in Hurt. Husband Mr.Marenna died due to ill-health. In this critical juncture, SERUDS NGO identified her and providing monthly groceries regularly since Feb 2011.

Benefits Given:
We regularly gives ration kit consisting of Sona Masoori Rice, Ahar Dal, Sun Flower Oil, Tamarind, Coconut oil, Coriander Powder, Dry Chilli Powder, Salt, Washing & Bathing Soaps, fruits and vegetables with the money of online donation, which the donors donate via paypal and through credit card.

Impact of Donation:
With this support she is happy that, she is able to feed herself and eating stomach fully for during month and this activity will trigger the other people in the living area to support her. She expressed sincere gratitude to the individual philanthropists for timely donating money for food stuff,
Donate to NGO SERUDS at www.serudsindia.org/donate.html Call me at: 9849977577.

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