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Sell your products all over the world.

Are you a small business owner? How would you like your products/services to be shown around the globe for free? The E-Commerce (ECA) program is a new program that allows commercial sellers to market their products and services at Tripleclicks.com, and also from their own, seperate TripleClicks "T Connect’ website.

In short, you’ll list your products and/or services and they will become viewable to Tripleclicks members from all over the globe. Shoppers may purchase your products/services by placing it in the TripleClicks shopping cart and checking out. We take care of all payment processing on your behalf and then forward you the order for fulfillment. FREE. There’s no cost to get started. Once accepted, you can list as many products/services as you’d like at no cost. TripleClicks simply retains a nominal percentage of your retail price, which you can adjust so you don’t lose out, whenever you make a sale. That’s it! To get more information about this wonderful program, just follow this link:


Posted By: bobyclix

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