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Amibiz is a businness minded group. It accomodates everyone who is biz consious, who believe they cn be young & be a millionaire!...

3 Members
Created By : amicablelxg21 on 29 Mar 2010 11:38 am
Last Updated on 30 Mar 2010 02:07 am

Tiger Woods
Eldrick Tont "Tiger" Woods (born December 30, 1975 is an American professional golfer whose achievements to date rank him among the most successful golfers of all time. Currently the World No. 1, he was the highest-paid professional athlete in 2008, havin...

1 Members
Created By : CoolDude1 on 18 Jul 2010 07:06 pm
Last Updated on 18 Jul 2010 07:06 pm

Careers - Openings at Moser Baer Post your Resume here At Moser Baer we benchmark ourselves with the best in the world and provide our employees with an ideal work environment that allows them to harness, hone and polish their capabilities and talents....

8 Members
Created By : pujaz11 on 19 Jul 2010 05:54 pm
Last Updated on 19 Jul 2010 05:54 pm

Ganesh Chaturthi Pooja
Ganesha Chaturthi (गणेश चतुर्थी) , also known as Vinayaka Chaturthi is the Hindu festival of Ganesha, the elephant-headed son of Shiva and Parvati, who is believed to bestow his presence on...

15 Members
Created By : Eshik11 on 11 Sep 2010 04:51 pm
Last Updated on 11 Sep 2010 04:51 pm

Edinburgh is a city steeped in history and its stunning rich architectural heritage is now recognised as a World Heritage Site. With over 4,500 listed buildings, Edinburgh is world-renowned for its rich architectural heritage. The two main areas of parti...

2 Members
Created By : sandeepsingh21 on 07 Oct 2010 02:18 am
Last Updated on 20 Dec 2012 07:31 am

JavaScript is THE scripting language of the Web. JavaScript is used in millions of Web pages to add functionality, validate forms, detect browsers, and much more. ...

3 Members
Created By : niranjan51 on 08 Dec 2010 02:11 pm
Last Updated on 24 May 2011 01:22 am

Electronic Gadgets
Upgrades are necessary. Gadgets must be replaced regularly. Modern-day consumers are programmed to accept these as golden rules that must be followed—not because gadgets break down or completely stop functioning, but because to not upgrade is to fall behi...

6 Members
Created By : himanshi21 on 05 Jan 2011 03:56 pm
Last Updated on 05 Jan 2011 04:58 am

Join the club to share your ideas to have optimum fun in life and live life bindas......

1 Members
Created By : troy111 on 18 Mar 2011 12:29 am
Last Updated on 24 May 2011 03:27 am

frienship club is working since 1987 in India. We have network in 89 cities of 23 states. We urgently need some young & energetic Males & Females Candidate who can able to work as an friends in their cities, preferably Candidate from Metro Cities are welc...

5 Members
Created By : Amitabh111 on 03 Sep 2011 05:16 pm
Last Updated on 29 Dec 2012 08:48 am

Hi girl friend join me...

1 Members
Created By : Babluayush111 on 30 Sep 2011 06:05 pm
Last Updated on 30 Sep 2011 06:05 pm
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