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Neeta Lulla
Neeta Lulla is an Indian fashion stylist and costume designer. She is the winner of three National Film Awards for Best Costume Design.From simplicity to royalty, Neeta Lulla has it all to her credit. Neeta Lulla has been one name which has been prevalent...

3 Members
Created By : Deshraj on 16 Jan 2012 07:12 pm
Last Updated on 26 Dec 2012 07:21 am

Maggi Noodles
Maggi noodles is a brand of instant noodles manufactured by Nestlé. The brand is popular in Australia, India, South Africa, Brazil, New Zealand, Brunei, Malaysia, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Fiji and the Philippines. Maggi Noodles are available in a...

2 Members
Created By : jameer2431 on 19 Jan 2012 09:52 pm
Last Updated on 26 Dec 2012 07:40 am

Tandoori Chicken
Tandoori chicken or (Roasted Chicken) is a popular Bangladeshi, Indian and Pakistani dish consisting of roasted chicken prepared with yogurt and spices. The name comes from the type of cylindrical clay oven, a tandoor, in which the dish is traditionally p...

1 Members
Created By : nadu3131 on 08 Feb 2012 03:10 am
Last Updated on 26 Dec 2012 08:11 am

A dosa is a crispy fermented flatbread that resembles a French crepe or pancake in appearance. Often pronounced or spelled as dosay or dosai, dosas have been a staple item in south Indian cuisine for centuries and are popular throughout all of India. The ...

2 Members
Created By : john197611 on 21 Feb 2012 12:08 am
Last Updated on 26 Dec 2012 08:41 am

Pani Puri
The pani puri is a popular street snack in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Nepal. It consists of a round, hollow puri, fried crisp and filled with a mixture of water ("pani"), tamarind, chili, chaat masala, potato, onion and chickpeas....

2 Members
Created By : Rockersrocks on 27 Feb 2012 12:57 pm
Last Updated on 26 Dec 2012 09:02 am

The samosa is a delectable Indian and Tibetan pastry, quite similar to the Greek spanakopita. Normally the samosa is made in a triangular form with pastry crust or filo dough. The interior may be stuffed with curried potatoes, peas, shredded lamb or chick...

1 Members
Created By : jhonyy on 01 Mar 2012 06:14 pm
Last Updated on 26 Dec 2012 09:08 am

IBN-7 (Indian Broadcast Network) is a Hindi news television channel owned by Network 18 Ltd based in Mumbai. IBN-7 (Hindi) - formerly Channel 7 was acquired from Jagran TV, owned by the Dainik Jagran group of companies, in 2006 and rebranded IBN-7. IBN-7 ...

3 Members
Created By : lovlyprabhu on 06 Mar 2012 06:22 pm
Last Updated on 27 Dec 2012 03:14 am

hi its kunal from jammu,working with india,s leading aviation group from last 03 yrs.started my carrier with chopper company for 06 months non scheduled operations and after that moved to scheduled operation company & still working with same ...

2 Members
Created By : mehak3303 on 09 Mar 2012 11:50 pm
Last Updated on 29 Dec 2012 07:45 am

Momo is a type of dumpling native to China, Tibet, Nepal, the bordering regions of Bhutan, and the Himalayan states of India (especially Sikkim). It is similar to the Mongolian buuz or the Chinese baozi and jiaozi. Momo is a Tibetan word and in Chinese it...

5 Members
Created By : bhoop on 27 Mar 2012 04:37 am
Last Updated on 27 Dec 2012 02:27 am

Talaash: The Answer Lies Within is an upcoming Indian psychological thriller film written and directed by Reema Kagti The project is jointly produced by Excel Entertainment and Aamir Khan Productions, and features Aamir Khan, Rani Mukerji and Kareena Kapo...

14 Members
Created By : drake on 31 Mar 2012 09:15 am
Last Updated on 20 Sep 2012 07:45 am
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