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Sweet & Stylish
hair styles,dress, costumes...

1 Members
Created By : mahendrakumar11 on 01 Oct 2011 09:04 pm
Last Updated on 29 Dec 2012 08:35 am

My Sweet Partner

17 Members
Created By : Rohit1212 on 20 Dec 2011 12:14 am
Last Updated on 29 Dec 2012 08:12 am

Cheesecake is a dessert consisting of a topping made of soft, fresh cheese, usually on a crust or base made from biscuit (such as a graham cracker crust), pastry or sponge cake. They may be baked or unbaked. Cheesecakes are frequently sweetened with sugar...

7 Members
Created By : Josephdills on 09 May 2012 08:48 am
Last Updated on 27 Dec 2012 03:36 am

Romance of Rom at Your Home
I am creating this club coz i know today lovers want to hug,kiss and the others things want from his/her partner so,If Are Shy or hesitate to say or show to your life(your partner) then please come and join my group and put/tweet your ideas to help other ...

10 Members
Created By : Standered000Lalit on 17 May 2012 09:27 pm
Last Updated on 29 Dec 2012 07:31 am

This last item is a bonus suggestion, as it is not a dish, but a drink. It is a yogurt-based smoothie that is served two ways: sweet or salty. If you are not too accustomed with extra-spicy food, have a glass or two of this by your side. Your tongus will ...

5 Members
Created By : ali1786 on 01 Jun 2012 06:32 pm
Last Updated on 27 Dec 2012 05:00 am

Jalebi is a sweet popular in countries of the Indian Subcontinent such as India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Nepal, and Bangladesh as well as many other countries in the Middle East and North Africa, like Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Syria, Palestine, Lebanon, Egypt, Tun...

2 Members
Created By : Coolgaurav on 04 Jul 2012 04:49 pm
Last Updated on 28 Dec 2012 02:46 am

Boxing (pugilism, prize fighting, the sweet science or in Greek pygmachia) is a martial art and combat sport in which two people engage in a contest of strength, and test their reflexes, and endurance by throwing punches with gloved hands. Amateur boxi...

13 Members
Created By : shalu123 on 20 Dec 2012 04:13 pm
Last Updated on 20 Dec 2012 04:13 pm

love stories
Love story are so sweet.. Everyone has a story.. If you hv 1 do join.. ...

8 Members
Created By : tammana07 on 19 Jan 2013 04:04 pm
Last Updated on 19 Jan 2013 04:04 pm

search for lover
.cute and lover .sweet and caring .kind and honest...

14 Members
Created By : jamescamillo on 26 Jan 2013 06:12 am
Last Updated on 31 Jan 2013 07:38 am

Salad is a popular, ready-to-eat dish made of heterogeneous ingredients, usually served chilled or at a moderate temperature. Many people use the word "salad" to describe light, savory leafy vegetable dishes, most often served with a sauce or dressing, bu...

1 Members
Created By : kavita11 on 08 Aug 2013 04:43 pm
Last Updated on 08 Aug 2013 04:43 pm
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