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business n service

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I am an educational consultant seeking for counsellors .
We are dealing with online classes for CBSE,ICSE and ISC students 10 11 n 12.
You have to invest your free time 4 this,which will be highly rewarded .
Please visit www.mindfiesta.com.
Register free on www.mindfiesta.com website as a student or parent. A password will be send to your email id.
Then, log-in www.mindfiesta.com website by using your email id & password received in your email id. Change your password by clicking on Reset password.
Click on any examination-board. Then click on class. Then click on a subject. You will get all chapters of that subject. On top of the page, a chapter for free-access will be mentioned. Click on that chapter. You can then go through the Experience of learning that chapter. This is how a student will get Online Tuition on www.mindfiesta.com website.
Experience of learning a chapter of a subject on www.mindfiesta.com website is the only selling tool required to promote www.mindfiesta.com products. So, make more & more children experience it because every child who experiences this learning will directly or indirectly provide many sales for you now & in future
Please remember that the www.mindfiesta.com products can be sold only by making the students & parents to enjoy the Learning-Experience of the Free-Chapter available for each subject on the website.
And we have launched our entrance classes online and offline for AIEEE,and IIT .
You can have the details from www.kaysonseducation.co.in
Please note: This is not a Quick Rich scheme.
This is a service to students,Future India,more than a job.
Get all the details n
Please contact me after ur visit

Posted on: 18 Sep 2009 02:21 pm

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