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Ways To Improve your Website Design

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Halt then and there if you intend to do a blunder with your web design!!!

You must be aware of the fact that a website is a mirror to your identity. It is the determining factor to the fact of your standing in the endless list of websites.

Get ready to attract more and more customers to your website by improving your web design. Don’t forget that your customer is one click away from ’EXIT’.

Therefore, it becomes really important to keep in mind a few simple steps to make way for an improved web design, which are as follows:


Provide enough transparent information so that your visitor is not confused about the purpose. It should not be obscure and difficult to understand, even if unintentionally.


Just make sure that the typography that is, the font size, font style, spacing, and other such details match the theme of your website.


Try and follow a subtle approach to your web design. If you tend to load your web design’s background with loads of colours, graphics and texture, it ultimately results in the diminished overall effect of the main purpose of the site. The visitor would loose the focus.

4.Keep it Light:

Try to intact your heavy visual graphics, large images because they tend to slow down the loading tome. The more it takes to load a page, the more it increases the chances of a visitor to leave your site.


You logo, which is a brand recognition; title bars, images, navigation menus are often anticipated by the visitors. They tend to enhance the value of your site. Unnecessary overuse of such graphics would tend to take away your potential customers.

6.Easy Navigation:

It becomes very important in a web design to generate easy and simple navigation menus. Just keep in mind the familiarity people tend to follow.

7.Vertical is your call:

Don’t think that visitors would like your so-called use of horizontal scroll bar. People just hate it and it becomes very annoying when they are not able to find the whole set of information on a single screen in front of their eyes.

Last but not the least, it is by far the most important aspect of the advice that try and think with the eyes of the visitor. Put yourself into their shoes and then, get started with your web designing. I hope, it would help a lot.

Posted on: 20 Oct 2010 03:07 am

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