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9 Intimate Apps for Couples

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1. Feel Me
Feel Me is an iOS app that gives couples live connections over the phone. In real-time, the app shows you where the other person is touching his or her iPhone. When both parties touch the same spot, the area lights up and vibrates.
The app is perfect for long-distance couples and duos who don’t see each other often.
Sign up to learn when Feel Me becomes available.

2. Duet
Duet for iPhone is a charming way to ask a friend, crush or significant other on a casual outing or formal date.
Simply download the app and select individuals from your iPhone contact list to add to your mobile circle. Create a "duet" in the app to send a personal one-on-one invite, which the invitee can accept or decline.
Propose a duet — "something you want to do with someone you love" — and wait for a response. You can include short video with these private one-on-one invites. Users without the app will receive personal notes through SMS message.
Price: Free iOS app. Duet is coming soon to other mobile platforms.

3. Pair
Pair is a social network built for two. With Pair, couples can privately text, share videos and photos.
The app shows when your partner is online. Pair’s "ThumbKiss" feature lets couples place their thumbs together on the screen and virtually kiss.
Pair also gives couples an area to sketch together. Romantic pairs can chat daily and send "Thinking of you" prompts on the go. There’s also space to archive important dates, add to couple to-do lists and share precious moments.
Price: Free for iOS and Android

4. Avocado
On Avocado, couples can privately message, share moments and create to-do lists (for dates, dream vacations or weekly grocery needs).
Users can also upload "Photocons" — personal emoticons shared between a couple — and quick notes, such as "I love you," "I’m running late" or "Be home soon."
Couples can even archive relationship milestones and share content on Twitter as a pair.
As for the unique app name, turns out Avocado is the most romantic salad topper ever. Avocados only grows in pairs; the trees only produce fruit when grown alongside another tree.
Price: $1.99 for the iOS or Android apps. A couple only needs to pay for a single app download.

5. Cupple
The Cupple app encourages intimacy and communication.
Cupple gives couples a private, mobile outlet to share messages, build a gallery and remember the places they’ve been or want to go together.
Price: Free iPhone app

6. TheIceBreak
TheIceBreak "helps you make the most of your relationship." The couple’s app asks fun questions that can be privately and publicly answered. The whole point is getting to know your significant other better.
As you answer questions, users collect Date Night Coins to exchange for local restaurant discounts. There’s also a private "Wall" on which to share photos and messages.
Individuals can rate overall communication, partner support and relationship satisfaction over a period of days.
Price: Free iPhone app

7. Tokii
Tokii lets your partner know how you’re feeling. "I feel…" and "You make me feel..." prompts encourage couples to report and work on emotions. Individuals can set a "Daily Mood," on which your partner can comment and message.
Furthermore, you’ll find over 250 DiscoveryGames to play with your partner or solo.
Price: Free iPhone app

8. Between
Between mobile app allows couples to message privately.
Couples can share photos, texts and voice messages with one another. Or use the Between app like a digital dropbox for all things relevant to your relationship. Archive important milestones, future dates and memos.
Price: Free iPhone and Android apps

9. HeyTell
Keep in contact with a boyfriend or girlfriend by recording short messages on HeyTell. Like a private voicemail account, the person on the other end can listen to messages when convenient.
This voice messaging app is fast, direct and private. We recommend it for frequent travelers and busy couples.
Price: Free for iOS and Android apps

Posted on: 02 Mar 2014 10:02 am

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