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10 Things that Turn Women Off

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Dating can be tough. Every time you approach a woman youíre risking rejection, which can feel awful. But if youíre finding that youíre striking out most often, perhaps youíre doing some things that turn women off.

Check with the list below to see how you might be able to improve your chances of meeting women on the scene.

1. Being Shy

Most women are attracted to strong, confident men. We understand that youíre a little nervousÖ that can be cute. But we have to see that you believe in yourself and that youíve got the ability to be successful.

2. Being Boring

We donít care about your model cars or your golf game. Strike up a conversation about something that interests us like current events, movies, or great restaurants. Show us that youíre well rounded and interesting or thereís no way we can imagine having dinner with you.

3. Looking Scruffy

Not all attractive men are drop dead gorgeous, but they do take care of their appearance. Your five oíclock shadow, dirty shoes and wrinkled shirt are such turn offs because they tell women that you simply donít know how to take care of yourself. Go out looking clean and tidy and youíll have much better luck with the ladies. If youíre meeting someone through adult personals, make sure your photo is top notch.

4. Being at a bar alone

If youíre alone in a bar and conspicuously trying to pick up women, ladies will get very suspicious. Guys in groups are more likely to put women at ease. Go out with both men and women, as well as singles and couples. Women flock to men who are enjoying themselves with friends.

5. Having Dodgy Friends

Even though I just suggested that you surround yourself with friends, be cautious about which friends you choose. Save your rude and rowdy friends for football games. Instead, head out to the bar with some of your more charming and polished friends. Whether you like it or not, who you are with can reflect positively or negatively on you.

6. Over-using a Female Wingman

Iím the first to encourage men to use their female friends to their advantage when trying to meet women. When a woman notices you, by all means, have one of your female friends casually let them know you are single. But for goodness sake, donít have them trolling the bar for you. When women notice your tactic, youíll end up looking like a sleazy guy who doesnít have the balls to meet women on his own.

7. Being Boastful

There are many subtle ways to let women know that you are successful, such as your air of confidence and the way you dress. There is absolutely no need to tell women how much money you make and what a shark you are at your job. Boasting about how wonderful you are will turn women off faster than you can say "investment portfolio."

8. Talking only about yourself

Listen more than you talk. Keep your end of the conversation short and sweet and let her do most of the talking. Women have a lot more to say than men, and weíre always impressed by men who can actually listen and be engaged for any length of time. Itís a small thing but it will make a lasting first impression.

9. Being a zealot about your religious and political beliefs

When it comes to politics and religion, itís very easy to offend and alienate someone with your views. Save your soap box rants for your next rally and aim for lighter and more amiable topics of discussion.

10. Using Corny Pick-Up Lines

Pick-Up lines are good for a laugh amongst friends but theyíre rarely an effective way to make a connection with a woman. You end up coming off so inauthentic and slimy. Instead, start the evening armed with some great conversation starters. Just be your fun, interesting self and leave the pick-up lines to the comedians.

Posted on: 04 Oct 2012 09:37 pm

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