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Common Packing Mistakes You Should Not Make

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Are you relocating your home in Delhi, but worried about the safety of your belongings? Everyone gets worried while moving from one city to other with loads of goods and its completely normal. But, packing your stuff in the wrong way and damaging your valuables will not be acceptable at any cost. You should be very careful and attentive while packing your stuff during a household move in Delhi. If you want to have safe and smooth relocation experience then don’t make these packing mistakes that people usually make.

Leaving it for the last minute

Do not leave the task for the last minute as packing the entire household goods takes a lot of time and you will end up the process creating a total mess. So, do not even try to think of it. This is the most time-consuming phase of the relocation process hence, you should start this doing two or more weeks prior the moving day.

Using used packaging materials

Sometimes people pack their stuff using old and used packaging materials, which is not good for the condition of your valuables. You should always use high-quality packaging materials, especially when you are moving to a long distance place as at such time the risk of damages are higher. High-quality packaging materials are durable and sturdy and they prevents the goods from damaging and breaking. Hence, don’t attempt packing your stuff using old or used packing materials.

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Not using right sized boxes

It is important to use the right sized boxes. Because, due to the remaining empty spaces in the boxes, the goods can move from its place and this can damage the item. Use proper size of the boxes in which goods can be fit easily. Better to use the original boxes of the electronic items.

Overloading the boxes

This is the most common mistake done by almost everyone while packing the items. But, overloading your boxes will not make it tougher for you to lift up and move the boxes but, it increases the risk of damaging your goods and injuring yourself also. Keep the weight of the boxes in your mind while loading the stuff into the boxes. Make sure each boxes weigh not more than 30 pounds.

Not taking proper care of fragile

While packing all the other household goods, we pack the fragile items in the same way. But, you should not do this. It is important to take extra care of your fragile items like crockery, photo frames, home decors, etc. while packing them.
If you want to have safe and damage-free move then, try not to make all the mistakes discussed above. These mistakes can ruin your plan of having safe and smooth house shifting experience. And if you are a novice, having no idea of packing fragile and furniture then hire professional packers and movers in Delhi to relocate your home.

Posted on: 06 Feb 2020 08:58 am

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