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23, Male, 1, 1, Andorra
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My Birthday: 30 Nov
I Am Here For:
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My Sexual Orientation: Straight
My Race:
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My Body
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What i love to Eat and Drink ?
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My Education and Occupation.
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What I am Looking For in Friends and What i Hate Most ?
What Turns on: hi to all, Human could fall in love simply. This is a natural sense which exist in every creatures, but in my view there are two kinds of Love: 1. Falling in love blindly, 2. Falling in love by loyalty and expressing love. In the later each two people should be in love so that they love have meaning. ,These days, most people just talk to know about sex,but I believe that those who only think about SEX will not have a real love. Of course in life SEX is very important but love is more important for me. for me spirit of mind is very important and I believe that someone whom spirit is harmed, could not simply recover it.
so i am looking for an interesting woman for serious relationship and marriage.
What Turn Off: hojjat_tondro@yahoo.com


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