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21, Male, Mumbaii, 1, India
Member since: 07 Jan 2012
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Iam man that always try to find fact of life our existence here on earth and ignore all value which makes man sick and tolove all creature keep them survive and believe in research and development and outcome of all resources may used for welfare of humanity not to use ant result of exploration for desruction purposes . value the sentiment and feeling of human beings and their difficulties in the way of survival

My Birthday: 30 Nov
I Am Here For:
Relationship Status: Prefer not to say
My Sexual Orientation: Prefer not to say
My Race:
My Religion: Hindu
My Body
Height: Prefer not to say
Complexion: Fair
Eye color: Black
Hair color: Prefer not to say
Body type: Prefer not to say
Excercise: Exercise to keep healthy
Piercings: None,
Tattoos: None,
What i love to Eat and Drink ?
Smoking: Non Smoker
Drinking: Not a drinker
Cuisines: Non-Vegetarian
My Education and Occupation.
Education Post Graduate
Occupation Technical / Science / Engineering
What I am Looking For in Friends and What i Hate Most ?
What Turns on: to understand nuaural phenamena its system freedom to learn and understand
What Turn Off: Binding , tabbo , traditional system , irration , social and psychological barrier , imposing such thing which has no value , as restriction in study , turn me off


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