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Simple Sushi Roll (Norimaki)

Simple Sushi Roll (Norimaki)

Course : Appetizers
Regions : Asian
Servings : 4
Cooking Time : 30 Minutes

Chef Gautam Kumar
Vinegared rice (cooked) 100 g
Hand Vinegar  
Rice Vinegar 2 Tablespoon
Water 60 ml (Half Cup)
For Rolling  
Cucumber 100 g
Nori seaweed sheet 3
Wasabi paste / powder 10 g
Accompaniments (To Serve)  
Pickled Ginger
Japanese Soy Sauce
Sushi Rolling Mat (Makisu)  


  1. Prepare the vinegared Rice (See the recipe) and mix the Japanese rice vinegar and water to make hands vinegar.
  2. Cucumber – To prepare the cucumber, Cut the cucumber into fingers ( without seed) and should have some green skin.
  3. Just before make place the nori over a very low heat for a while just to make the nori of crispy texture.
  4.  Put a sushi roll mat on work surface, dip hand in the bowl of hand vinegar ,Take a handful (2-3 tablespoon) of cooked Vineyard Rice on one hand and mould into a long cylinder shape. Put the rice on the centre of the nori and by the use of finger evenly spread it all over nori sheet, right to the edge.
  5. Mix wasabi powder with water to a paste of muddy (clay –like) consistency.
  6. Take a small dot wasabi paste on the hand of the finger and draw the line on the middle across the rice. ( Put very less just to form a light green shadow line of wasabi because wasabi is very hot)
  7. Arrange one strip of cucumber across the rice just on the top of wasabi line.
  8. Pick the mat from the near side and keep the cucumber in centre.
  9. Roll the mat over to meet the other side so that rice stays inside the nori.
  10. Lift the edge of the mat. Press with finger top (in the front0 and roll slightly. The end of the nori should be underneath so it will stick well due to the moisture).
  11. Remove the cylinder from the mat and put, join side down, in covered flat container while making the rolls.
  12. Cut the each roll into half or of one and half inches and serve it with the Wasabi paste, Japanese Soy and pickled ginger.