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Smoked Fish Sushi (Masu - Zushi)

Smoked Fish Sushi (Masu - Zushi)

Course : Appetizers
Regions : Asian
Servings : 4

Chef Gautam Kumar
Vinegrate Rice 300g
Hand Vinegar :  
Rice Vinegar 2 Tablespoon
Water 60 ml (Half Cup)
Smoked Salmon or Smoked Trout 150 g
Lemon Slices (Fan Shaped)  
Accompaniments ( To Serve):
Pickled Ginger
Japanese Soy sauce


  1. Make the Vinegrate rice (sumeshi) by looking at the recipe.
  2. Mix the hand vinegar ingredients and keep aside.
  3. Lay the smoked salmon or trout slices in the bottom of a wet wooden mould, alternatively a rectangular container container lined with a piece of plastic large enough for the edges to the hang out of the container.
  4. Wet the hand in hand vinegar, transfer the vinegared rice into the mould press it firmly and evenly into the mould. Put the wet wooden lid on top of it. While using a plastic container, fold in the plastic wrap to cover the rice and top with a piece of cardboard just enough to cover the rice, put the weight on top. Leave it in cool place (preferably room temperature) and do not keep in Refrigerator) for 2 - 3 hours.
  5. While at time of serving , remove from container and unwrap the plastic. Take a knife and wipe it with vinegar soaked paper towel. Cut it into big cubes.
  6. Serve it with the fan shaped lemon on top and with pickled ginger and a little soy sauce.