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Kiss Day

On 13th feb of every year Kiss Day is celebrated in every country. This day is the most romantic day in the valentines week. People of every country will celebrated this festival by kissing them whom did they love. Love is the name, Kiss is the game, Forget the name, Lets play the game. Happy Kiss Day

Kissing has always been a unique symbol of love, and every couple in love think of kissing each other time and again, no matter what they have done before. You might have seen how the groom is asked to the kiss the bride in church weddings, and how every time our favorite actor comes close to the actress to show his love. To celebrate the essence of the eternal symbol of love, we celebrate the Kiss Day a day ahead of the Valentine’s Day for obvious reason. For those who think there isn’t a day like this, they are in for some serious fun.

Before you think of something naughty for this day, think of the equation that you share with your partner. For two friends or known people who have been trying to get intimate without getting dirty, this day can mean a lot of things. A kiss can mean many things, provided where you are kissed. Here’s a quick take on what each kiss may mean in real.

The French kiss: If you and your partner end up kissing up in this way, you guys are probably madly in love. This is not a one sided affair, so remember, for a real French kiss to happen, you need real chemistry.

The forehead kiss: This kiss simply talks of the promise to stay by each other and a sign that someone does care for you. When a partner kisses you on your forehead, you can expect to get a proposal on Valentine’s Day.

A peck on the lips: A simple kiss that is given on the lips simply says ‘I love you’ in the most subtle way. If you are trying to confess your feelings, this kiss can do wonders in expressing love in the purest form.

A kiss on the cheek: When someone places a kiss on the cheek with no dual meanings attached to it, this may simply mean that he or she adores you and wants you to be immensely happy in your life. Short and simple!

Kiss day holds varied meanings for varied couples. While new couples choose the day for the first kiss, there are others who make a Special Days with love expresses with a French Kiss. What’s your idea of celebration depends largely on what relationship and equation you share with your partner. Kiss to make love more special!