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Propose Day

Propose Day Quotation

Love Is A Gift
If U Receive It,
Open & Appreciate It..
If Not,
Don't Worry..
Someone Somewhere Is Still
Wrapping It For U..

Take Her Back To The First Restaurant Where You Dined And Surprise Her With The Ring. You Can Arrange For The Waiter To Present It To Her With The Dessert.

Today 8th Feb Is the Best Day To
Propose Someone Special &
Loving As Today Is Propose Day
In the Valentine's Week

If I get your smile,
I don't need flowers.
If I get your voice,
I don't need music.
If you speak to me,
I don't need anybody.
If you are my love,
I don't need the world.

Life counts all the roads we travel,
Some are smooth, some are rough,
Some I would rather forget,
But there is one road I won't regret,
The road where we met and became friends...