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Shocking Videos

"Clash of clans SPIDER BASE" (A Shocking design)

A Shocking base design that did surprisingly well as a fun base. Let me know what you Doods think about it =) Whats up It Godson YEEEAAAAaa!! Welcome to my channel. from high level gameplay to failtages, i got what you're looking for. ► Be sure to SUBS...

Added: 17 Nov 2014 01:31 am
From: mahiannu
Views: 618

Black Holes Don't Exist: Shocking New Evidence Research Suggests

There Are No Black Holes:'Shocking' New Evidence That Black Holes Don't Exist If a collapsing star were to let off Hawking radiation, it just might disintegrate into nothing before it transforms into a black hole, according to Mersini-Houghton and Pfeiffe...

Added: 10 Nov 2014 01:24 am
From: mahiannu
Views: 863

Shocking suicide by fence photos: Ukraine man kills self with iron fence over fast food wait time

Click here for the full version: http://bit.ly/1GipVIi The wait for a burger was apparently just too much to bear for one Ukrainian man, according to a report by the Daily Mail. The unidentified 30-something man entered the shop in the north-eastern tow...

Added: 07 Nov 2014 07:27 am
From: mahiannu
Views: 549


HAPPY 650K SUBSCRIBERS!!! This is a milestone we made up for your enjoyment! Let us know what you think in the comments below! Lush you all xoxo Please subscribe and follow us: http://www.YouTube.com/GayGod http://www.YouTube.com/Nickalaws http://www.Twi...

Added: 03 Nov 2014 01:36 am
From: mahiannu
Views: 644

5 Most Shocking Joker Moments!

***The Winner of Last Weeks VS Episode was BANE.*** Today on Variant Arris counts down the 5 most sadistic, crazy, and all around most shocking Joker moments in comic books! Plus stay till the end to see how you can be a part of Variant every week! Di...

Added: 03 Nov 2014 01:36 am
From: mahiannu
Views: 613

GoPro: Petting A Tiger Shark

Cameron Nimmo and Mickey Smith set off from Jupiter, Florida to cuddle some sharks. Check out more: https://www.youtube.com/user/Murfdizz21 Shot 100% on the HD HERO3® camera from ‪http://GoPro.com. Get stoked and subscribe: http://goo.gl/HgVXpQ Mus...

Added: 15 Oct 2014 02:18 am
From: shubhawati
Views: 533

GoPro HERO4: The Adventure of Life in 4K

All around the world GoPro users are capturing incredible experiences, from the heart-stopping to the heartfelt. Into the caldron of an active volcano, the neon streets of Japan, a refuge for wild mustangs, scaling an iceberg, the world’s biggest dance ...

Added: 15 Oct 2014 02:14 am
From: shubhawati
Views: 597

Shocking Family Feud Fast Money

Please excuse the video quality, as this was recorded simply for the purpose of sharing this with my family. But, since people are watching it, I will leave it posted as public. I love Family Feud, and this is just so heartbreaking to me. She seems like s...

Added: 13 Oct 2014 02:49 am
From: shubhawati
Views: 514

10 Most Shocking Children Toys Ever Made

Here are 10 shocking toys that were actually sold to children. Visit our site: http://TopTrending.com Like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TopTrending Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/TopTrending Song: Jingle Punks - The Deed https://w...

Added: 13 Oct 2014 02:45 am
From: shubhawati
Views: 636

SHOCKING Bollywood Celebrities' UNSEEN Pictures

Share on Facebook: http://goo.gl/YB4HX1 Tweet now: http://goo.gl/Za4qTo Catch a glimpse of some of the most shocking pictures of Bollywood stars who were caught on camera in awkward moments. Subscribe now and watch for more of Bollywood Entertainment Vid...

Added: 29 Sep 2014 03:36 am
From: shubhawati
Views: 579

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