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Funny Speed Dating

Speed Dating is successful, fun, exciting and may lead to something special for you. Speed dating is a great way to experience a slew of mini-dates before deciding on one person with which you may feel a bit of chemistry. https://www.youtube.com/channel/U...

Added: 01 Dec 2014 06:45 am
From: mahiannu
Views: 366

FOX SCARES NOVA - Animated Classics

Please be sure to hit the LIKE button, these take awhile to make! ► SUBSCRIBE for more videos! http://bit.ly/subnova ◄ ► Little Bulge Classic - http://bit.ly/1pweu7f ► Get the Berry Classic - http://bit.ly/1rTaqxD ► Gang Beasts Classic - http://...

Added: 01 Dec 2014 06:31 am
From: mahiannu
Views: 369

Guinness World Record - Most mini dominoes toppled - Extra Video

http://www.sinnersdominoentertainment.com The most mini dominoes toppled is 2,000 and was achieved by Sinners Domino Entertainment (Germany), on the set of "Officially Amazing" (CBBC/Lion TV), at the Wilhelm-Lückert-Gymnasium in Büdingen, Germany, on 1...

Added: 01 Dec 2014 01:42 am
From: mahiannu
Views: 368

CGI VFX Showreels HD: "Godzilla VFX Shots" - by Jonathan Freisler

Check out some of these awesome examples of VFX in these shots from "Godzillla" worked on by the talented Jonathan Freisler! All the shots he worked on at his time at MPC. As you can see he pretty much mostly did water, lots of water. All done in flowline...

Added: 27 Nov 2014 07:12 am
From: mahiannu
Views: 364

Mania Ki duniya | I Phone 6 Bend-gate | Its Not a Mistake- Its a Revolution

Sanpas Explains why bending of an I Phone 6 is not a mistake- according to him- its a revolution. Lets find out how and why. http://www.facebook.com/bollywoodclassroom Twitter: https://twitter.com/maniakiduniya Youtube Channel: http://youtube.com/maniaki...

Added: 27 Nov 2014 06:58 am
From: mahiannu
Views: 399

Bollywood Classroom Gaane Ka Temperature Episode 47


Added: 26 Nov 2014 08:01 am
From: mahiannu
Views: 327

Bollywood Classroom | Hockey Aankh and Kajal | Episode52

A ‘hockey lover’ kid, demands for a hockey and his Dad gets one for him. The story takes a dramatic turn that results in yet another hilarious episode of Bollywood Classroom. http://www.facebook.com/bollywoodclassroom Twitter: https://twitter.com/mani...

Added: 26 Nov 2014 08:00 am
From: mahiannu
Views: 355

MPC Godzilla VFX Breakdown

MPC was the lead VFX studio bringing the iconic title creature to life in Warner Bros Pictures’ and Legendary Pictures’ Godzilla, which opened worldwide May 16, 2014. The team was led by MPC Vancouver VFX Supervisor Guillaume Rocheron (Academy Award...

Added: 26 Nov 2014 01:44 am
From: mahiannu
Views: 387

GODZILLA 2 Better Than GODZILLA 2014: 4 Reasons Why

It still four years off but it might be safe to say that GODZILLA 2 is already on track to blowing GODZILLA (2014) out of the water ... and here why it might. MONSTROSITIES is a video blog dedicated to the weird and wild world of Japanese live-action sp...

Added: 26 Nov 2014 01:42 am
From: mahiannu
Views: 324

GoPro: To Climb An Iceberg in 4K

The fourth of the HERO4: The Adventure of Life in 4K series. New episode every Tuesday. Hop aboard La Louise as we venture through the arctic waters of Greenland Disko Bay in search for the ultimate iceberg to summit with professional ice climbers Klemen...

Added: 24 Nov 2014 03:58 am
From: mahiannu
Views: 389

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