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Superbaby - Nestle Start Healthy Stay Healthy breastfeeding week 2013

Take the Super Pledge by visiting https://www.starthealthystayhealthy.in/breastfeedingweek/extthanks.htm or give missed call to 08527-666-666 Every mother knows, when your baby is breast fed it shows. An initiative by Nestle Start Healthy Stay Healthy...

Added: 07 Aug 2013 12:09 pm
From: sweetneha11
Views: 481


A clip from the last episode of the early 1980 children show, "Did You Know," with Thinky The Owl. Thinky got sick and died shortly after this episode was filmed. His star is on the Hollywood Walk of Fame near Marilyn Monroe. His organs were donated to a ...

Added: 06 Aug 2013 11:53 am
From: sweetneha11
Views: 478

Old MacDonald had a farm - Nursery Rhymes

Nursery Rhymes - Old McDonald had a farm. Old MacDonald had a farm, Ee i ee i oh! And on that farm he had some ducks with a quack quack here, and a quack quack there, here a quack, there a quack everywhere a quack quack Old MacDonald had a farm Ee i ...

Added: 01 Aug 2013 11:36 am
From: Ansh21
Views: 599


Hooplakidz is proud to present "The wheels of the bus" "The Wheels on the bus" is one of the most popular nursery rhymes enjoyed by kids all over the world. The wheels of the bus go round and round. round and round. round and round. The wheels of the bus...

Added: 01 Aug 2013 11:35 am
From: Ansh21
Views: 424

Cute College Girls [FTW]

(Part 3 of 5) Time to save the college girls from the terrorist plot. Save the cheerleader... save the world. This video picks up where "SUPER Sick Stick Figure Fight" // http://youtu.be/dZa-JnXM4J4 // leaves off. Watch the sequel to this video here: ht...

Added: 30 Jul 2013 01:04 am
From: Krish110
Views: 495

Little Psy - Gangnam Style at Los Angeles Korean Festival Foundation 10/5/12 황민우

Little Psy at Los Angeles Korean Festival Foundation 10/5/12

Added: 13 Aug 2013 02:18 pm
From: neha24
Views: 467

ABC Song - Nursery Rhymes

The classic ABC song, alphabet song to help children learn the names of the letters in the English alphabet. "Music produced @ Chin2 Bhosle MusicWorks" Animation: Mandar Sawant Subscribe- http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=kidscamp L...

Added: 26 Jul 2013 10:34 am
From: neha24
Views: 511

I'm A Little Teapot with Lyrics

The classic nursery rhyme "I'm A Little Teapot with Lyrics" I'm a little teapot Short and stout Here is my handle Here is my spout When I get all steamed up Hear me shout "Tip me over and pour me out!" I'm a clever teapot, Yes it true Here let me s...

Added: 26 Jul 2013 10:35 am
From: neha24
Views: 437

Kit Kat Dancing Kids TV Commercial - YouTube

Uploaded with Free Leawo Video Converter http://www.leawo.com/leawo-video-converter/

Added: 20 Jul 2013 04:36 pm
From: priyanka22
Views: 628

Sounds of the Animals Song

Copyright: Hooplakidz inc. Discover the magic of the animal kingdom with music and animation. This video is designed for toddlers and children to learn about animals and the sounds they make through rhyme, song and dance. These are the sounds that the a...

Added: 02 Jul 2013 12:07 pm
From: Eira11
Views: 476

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