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Fitness Works Athletic Clubs - Group Fitness Testimonials - Fitness Workouts

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Fitness Works Athletic Clubs - Group Fitness Testimonials - Fitness Workouts
Sue C: Joined Fitness Works Gym to help prevent health problems, her body feels much younger since she started her fitness regimen. She saw an elderly person struggling to step off of a curb. She Decided to do something now. Loves the instructors in the fitness classes. Sue works harder in the fitness classes, than the floor exercises. The instructors are keeping her motivated to finish entire classes and workout for extended periods of time. Well Done Sue. http://www.fitnessworks.com/

Jen F: Has joined other fitness centers. She look at a few club here in Arizona. Thought Fitness Works was all ages and sizes. She tried weight lifting and it was not working for her. A Fitness Works member informed her of the group fitness classes. Jen tried one, and that is all she wrote. She now does fitness classes 7 days a week. The instructors are motivating her. The motivating and encouraging instructors at Fitness Works have helped Jen F. to loose 87 Lbs. Jens confidence is up, she has more energy and is happy with her new life-style. http://www.fitnessworks.com/gilbert-amenities.aspx.

Rachael: Moved to Arizona from in Chicago. She Joined Fitness Works in July 2009, by September of 2009, she was taking most classes offered at the gym such as: body pump, rpm, body step. She feels obligated to stay in the fitness studio, because of the hard work and motivation from the Fitness Works Instructors. In the past 6 months Rachael has lost 15 lbs, and is down 6% body fat from working hard and eating right. Out of three gyms in Chicago, and numerous Arizona Gyms, Rachael can NOT find another fitness gym, other than Fitness Works, who can motivate her to work for weight loss results. http://www.fitnessworks.com/chandler-amenities.aspx.

Alona: She feels that the Fitness Works exercise class instructors, give her that extra push to get in shape. She originally joined Fitness Works to get in shape, and feel better about herself. She gets a feeling of amazment and revivement after her workouts. Insturctions from the Fitness Works fitness classes, help her to feel good about herself and work hard in every fitness workout. http://www.fitnessworks.com/mesa-amenities.aspx.

For more information on Fitness Works Athletic Clubs and there fitness tips visit a Arizona Fitness Gym Blog at http://www.fitnessworks.com/blog/, or sign up for a Free Fitness Membership in Mesa, Chandler, Gilbert or Phoenix AZ, near Glendale at http://www.fitnessworks.com/trial-membership.aspx.

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