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Tayo - S1_Tayo_21 Tayo Space Adventure

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neha24 [35]
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Tayo - S1_Tayo_21 Tayo Space Adventure
Tayo head is full of space travel as he goes to bed after watching a meteor shower with his friends. Hana wakes Tayo up and equips him with rockets that will allow him to fly into space.
While traveling, Tayo meets Ray, a princess who is running away from Bully the Space Pirate. Tayo manages to give Bully the slip after a close chase and safely takes Princess Ray to Planet Clover. The princess gives Tayo a sticker of a clover in return. Tayo runs out of rocket fuel on his way back to Earth and falls from the sky. He wakes up in bed, startled. Tayo thinks everything was a dream, but there a clover sticker stuck to his body.

Video Added on : 10 Apr 2013 11:24 am
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