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Jurassic Park: Prime Survival - FULL MOVIE

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Jurassic Park: Prime Survival - FULL MOVIE

As stated at the beginning of the film, Prime Survival originally began production in 2007 with the aim of a 2009 release. Unfortunately due to certain problems we did not make this release date and while 2010 was the next set release date, more problems arose, pushing the movie back even further.

Bearing that in mind, please respect that we were young when we made this film and it was our first real movie project. It was a scattered production, however I like to think of Prime Survival as a massive learning curve which it has indeed been. I learnt how to make a film and I'll never regret doing it.

Thank you to those who followed the movie throughout it troubled production, and I hope you enjoy what became of Jurassic Park: Prime Survival.

The story revolves around 3 friends who are heading for a trip to a deserted island. Little do they know, the island was once used for the habitation of dinosaurs bred by a familiar company. As they discover more about the island and the secrets it holds, the more danger they find themselves in. Their efforts to escape take them on a complete thrill ride throughout the whole movie.


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