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Birthday Surprise in a Lamborghini

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Krish110 [29]
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Birthday Surprise in a Lamborghini
(NOTE-This teen did not GET this car for his birthday, nor did he get to drive it. Please read the story before you submit a comment.)

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On vacation in Florida, this car-fanatic teen finds a surprise (his girlfriend) in a Lamborghini Aventador on his 18th birthday. Mom and Dad flew her in from NC. The amazing staff at Lamborghini Palm Beach put her in the passenger seat for him to find, then gave him a spirited 20-minute ride.

TO CLARIFY: He did not GET a Lamborghini Aventador for his birthday, nor did he even remotely THINK he would get one. (He knows better.) He was thrilled to just get to sit in one (though they did surprise him with a ride afterward), and even more thrilled when he realized he wasn't alone.

Read the full story on Jalopnik here: http://natmad.kinja.com/car-people-are-cool-right-471448592

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