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Solar Hydrogen Fuel Cell Technology Educational Kit

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Solar Hydrogen Fuel Cell Technology Educational Kit
The Heliocentris Dr FuelCell Science Kit is an extensive experiment set for renewable energy technology. Flexible components, 20 pre-configured experiments and detailed supplementary material make it a complete solution for teaching physics and chemistry in grades 9–12. → http://bit.ly/1oxvs1x

Dr. FuelCell Model Car Features:
- Curriculum oriented instruction material - Grades 9—12
- 20 pre-configured experiments for individual or group work
- Immediately ready-to-use; no additional materials needed
- Robust and user-friendly components
- Practical and easy-to-operate load measurement box for measuring current and voltage
- Expandable, for gaining expert knowledge of fuel cells

Example experiments:
- Current and voltage: characteristic curves of solar panel and fuel cell
- Faraday first law
- Understanding Electrolysis
- Dependence of solar current on the distance and incident angle of the light source
- Series and parallel connection of solar and fuel cells

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