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Top 5 Most Mysterious Video Games

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Top 5 Most Mysterious Video Games
Top 5 scariest video games with mysterious origins including a haunted Pokemon cartridge, a possessed copy of Legend of Zelda Majora Mask, Satanic curses, killer arcade games and top secret CIA experiments.

Ready for some scary video games ? Presenting the creepiest video games ever played including Pokemon Ghost Black with its terrifying version of Lavender Town already famous for the Lavender Town Syndrome, a haunted Legend of Zelda: Majora Mask cartridge with a frightening message that Ben Drowned, the possible CIA mind control experiment Polybius, Berzerk, and Killswitch with is strange invisible Ghast character.

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Did Polybius really drive people insane? Check out this awesome video from AllTimeConspiracies: http://bit.ly/1ffowDf

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