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Peachie Panel: Kawaii Fashion & Lifestyle

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mahiannu [38]
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Peachie Panel: Kawaii Fashion & Lifestyle
At Auchinawa 2014, I was asked to host my own panel with a theme of my choice. I decided to choose kawaii lifestyle and fashion featuring a Q&A session since "kawaii" is the theme most people associate with me, and also because the most common thing people online approach me about is advice. ^^

This was my first ever panel, plus I was sick with a bug, so I was pretty nervous haha. There were about 30 people there including some very supportive friends, so thank you so much to everybody who came! ^_^

Please remember, I am just one person. I do not mean to speak for the whole kawaii community, I am just one of many here to help spread appreciation and I obviously have my own experiences and opinions on the subject. :)

There are two quick cuts in the film, since the camera could only record up to 20 minutes at a time. The first minute was unable to be filmed, so apologies for the replacement text at the beginning.

A HUGE big thank you to my sweet friend Jewels for kindly offering to film this panel for me. :)
Jewels: https://www.youtube.com/user/JewelsYoungheart

BGM = Super Princess Peach

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