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Thomas & Friends JEREMY AND THE AIRFIELD SET Wooden Toy Train Review Remembering The Classics

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Thomas & Friends JEREMY AND THE AIRFIELD SET Wooden Toy Train Review Remembering The Classics
Welcome to remembering the classics. This is a New video Series that will focus on the Classic Thomas Wooden Railway Sets of the past. The Thomas Wooden Railway has been around for over 20 years and there have been some amazing train sets that have been released over the years. Some of these sets have gone above and beyond the imagination of many and have become known as some of the best releases we have ever seen. This new video series Remembering the Classics will focus on the elite Thomas the tank engine and friends wooden toy train sets that have hit the shelves over the past few decades. From Learning Curve to Tomy, to Mattel Fisher Price we have been presented with the Thomas Wooden Railway since 1992! The Jeremy And the airfield set was originally release in 2007 and Retired in 2010. The Jeremy and the airfield set is one of the greatest thomas wooden railway sets to have ever been released in my opinion, as it consisted of the perfect balance of items for the young engineer to play with. In my opinion this was one of those rare items that you could purchase as a Starter set and have everything you ever needed! Stay tuned to my channel as I will continue this series in the future! This is Remembering the Classics!

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