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Webisode 29: Boqer123 Meets Adam LZ

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Webisode 29: Boqer123 Meets Adam LZ
Imagine flying into a foreign country for your first time and staying with someone you've never met... Josh James (boqer123) took a shot in the dark to fly out and stay with me, and so far it has been one of the most fun weeks we've ever had. I got a sick new bike too :)
So Josh is undoubtedly the founder of BMX/YouTube webisodes. I saw them a couple years ago, and really wanted to do something similar with my channel. I came up with my own version of webisodes, and they have become the most popular videos on the LZBMX channel. Josh is literally the UK version of myself, with a passion for selling shirts, filming friends, and of course cars. We first spoke when I bought one of his shirts a little over a year ago and complimented his videos. Since then we've maintained close contact and have given each other advice and tips on things we found to work with our videos or clothing line. The "boqer123 comes to America" idea was something we have been talking about for a few months, and Josh just decided to send it, and well, here we are. Josh and I get along way better than we both anticipated and it super sick working together considering how much we have in common. This is the first of many videos we filmed/have been filming while he is here in the USA. If you have anything you want us to film, let us know and we will do it! Give the like button a little love ;)
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