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Clear Skin Checklist: Lifestyle, Diet + Routine Tips! | Melanie Murphy

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Clear Skin Checklist: Lifestyle, Diet + Routine Tips! | Melanie Murphy
♥I really hope this answers everyone questions about how I got clear skin after having cystic acne for years! This is my full routine including lifestyle tips, diet, the lot!
♥Thumbs up if you enjoy! If we get 5,000 thumbs ups I'll do a 'draw my life' video! Including my acne/bullying experience...scary ahh
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Please remember that although it makes sense to want to clear up your skin issues, you are still beautiful with them! Your imperfections really do make you perfect because if every one of us in the world looked the same the world would be boring and colourless, we'd have nothing to strive for or to get us excited in life. Think of clearing up your skin as a challenge that you WILL have success with! It something that takes time and commitment and consistency but I promise you guys it worth it. I feel like a happier, calmer, healthier person following all the above tips and I know you will too! Leave me a comment with what you thought of this style of video and as ever, feel free to leave video suggestions & even a bit about you and your acne story down below :) Love you guys! xxx

Check out Caroline Hirons, she rocks! AND now she on YouTube, too, you'll find her videos linked on her amazing blog here: http://www.carolinehirons.com

And here her acne cheat sheet! READ IT! She recommends certain acids and benzoyl peroxide, the ingredients found in Clearogen, which is the only reason I actually started using it in the first place...go on the Hirons! Long live the Hirons haha!

My most popular videos on acne, some filmed while it was flared up:
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Water (teas count, 2-3L a day, jazz it up with mint & fruit!)
Stress management (tips for this & everything else are in the video)
Food intolerance awareness
Healthy foods
Avoidance of picking (I use dream dots for this, free shipping from www.dreamdotsforspots.com)
Avoidance of yoyo dieting
Good hygiene
Morning & evening skincare routine
Keeping active
Getting the beauty sleep! (7 to 9 hours is ideal)

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