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25 Science “Facts” That Were Proven Wrong

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25 Science “Facts” That Were Proven Wrong
We’re taught loads of scientific facts formally or informally from an early age. And they’re all said to be true and reinforced by our common sharing of them. As time progresses, scientists use new methods to find some of those facts (or, in some cases, rumors that are so pervasive they enter the common psyche as perceived true facts) wrong. In this list, we break down some so-called “facts” we believed to be true and show what the science really says.

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Heavy drinking kills brain cells
Lightning doesn't strike the same place twice
The tongue has specific taste zones
A penny dropped from the Empire State Building can kill you
Being in a vacuum causes our eyes to pop out
Blood in your veins is blue
Your fingers swell up from water
Sunflowers follow the sun across the sky
Gum takes 7 years to digest
Goldie the fish has a memory of 5 seconds
Bats can't see
Bulls are driven mad by red
The asteroid impact killed off all the dinosaurs
Drinking alcohol warms you up
Seasons are due to how close we are to the sun
Drink 8 glasses of water a day
Water flows the opposite way in the different hemispheres

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