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'Main Tujhse Pyaar Nahin Karta' VIDEO So

Gulshan Kumar presents, a T-Series Film, a
Crouching Tiger and Friday Filmworks Production,
Produced by Bhushan Kumar Krishan Kumar, a Neeraj
Pandey Film, BABY starring Akshay Kumar and Tapsee
Pannu in the lead roles.

Produced by Shital Bhatia, Cape of Good Films and
Crouching Tiger, Co-Produced by Ajay Kapoor,
Karan Shah and Shivaji Dasgupta exclusively on

Watch the first video song from the movie Baby
'Main Tujhse Pyaar Nahin Karta' in the voice of
Papon exclusively on T-series.

Under: Music

Added: 19 Jan 2015 03:40 am
Views: 648

Lady Gaga - G.U.Y. - An ARTPOP Film

Lady Gaga -- ARTPOP:

Music video by Lady Gaga performing "G.U.Y."
©2014 Interscope

Under: Music

Added: 19 Jan 2015 03:02 am
Views: 384

Half Moon Party - Psyko Lifestyle - VLOG

This VLOG is all about the Half Moon Party and the
Wipe-Out course in Koh Phangan, Thailand!

Wietse Amersfoort from Psyko Punkz and his Psyko
Lifestyle VLOG!

Half Moon Party - Psyko Lifestyle - VLOG #23

Under: Lifestyle

Added: 19 Jan 2015 02:58 am
Views: 328

An Asteroid Will Fly Close to Earth Late

On January 26, an asteroid one-third of a mile in
size will pass safely by the Earth.

Designated 2004 BL86 (it could use a nickname),
NASA says the asteroid will fly past the earth at
"about three times the distance of Earth to the
moon." That about 745,000 miles from our planet.

Read more here:

Subscribe to the IGN News Channel here:

Under: News

Added: 19 Jan 2015 02:55 am
Views: 423

Earthspots, Atmospheric River, New Sunsp


Blog: http://www.suspicious0bserverscollective.org

Major Warnings/Alerts:
S0 Notes on Solar Shutdown:
IPCC History:

Donate memberships for others:

Today Featured Links:
Atmospheric R

Under: News

Added: 19 Jan 2015 02:54 am
Views: 390

Minecart Trip - Realistic Styled Minecra

One day Steve decides to travel to a local village
using his minecart system. This is another Blender
animation that I've made to portray Minecraft in a
more realistic style. Thanks for watching, and I
hope you enjoy it.

I plan to regularly produce more content like
this, so if you want to see more, consider
subscribing to my channel:

I now have a Facebook page! Link here:

For this animation, Zudom

Under: Animation

Added: 17 Jan 2015 07:58 am
Views: 607

Sarkodie - Revenge Of The Spartans‬ (O

Artist: Sarkodie
Song Title- Revenge Of The Spartans
Directed by David Nicol-sey
First Ad by John Eshun
Production Company - North Production
2014 ,All Rights Reserved
Unauthorized upload of this video is strictly
Info : sarkcessmusic@gmail.com

Under: Music

Added: 16 Jan 2015 07:51 am
Views: 404

Full Moon Party - Psyko Lifestyle - VLOG

This episode is all about the Full Moon party in
Koh Phangan, Thailand.. Wietse went there to show
you guy what it about!

Wietse Amersfoort from Psyko Punkz and his Psyko
Lifestyle Videolog.

FullMoon Party - Psyko Lifestyle - VLOG #22

Under: Lifestyle

Added: 12 Jan 2015 03:56 am
Views: 376

How to Start a Healthy Lifestyle & Lose

How to start a healthy & fit lifestyle, and lose
the excess weight. I lost 40 lbs. by changing my
diet and lifestyle, and you can too!

See more from my Weight Loss Journey here:

My Blender & where to buy:
► http://amzn.to/1I3TlKg (DE)
► http://amzn.to/1I3TlKg (USA)

► Subscribe!


Follow Me!

FACEBOOK ⇒ http://www.facebook.com/hell

Under: Lifestyle

Added: 12 Jan 2015 03:56 am
Views: 390

How it all started - European Business

Witam Was w moim pierwszym filmiku na moim
pierwszym kanale.
Chciałam opowiedzieć Wam o moich studiach
magisterskich w języku angielskim z
możliwością zdobycia dyplomu brytyjskiego. Są
to studia stacjonarne drugiego stopnia na
Uniwersytecie Ekonomicznym w Katowicach.


Under: Business & Finance

Added: 08 Jan 2015 02:10 am
Views: 557

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