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Pasta Alla Carbonara

Pasta Alla Carbonara

Course : Main Course
Regions : European
Servings : 10
Cooking Time : 20 Minutes

Chef Gautam Kumar


Spaghetti 1 kg
Butter or Oil 60 g
Pancetta minced / Bacon 250 g
Egg Yolk 8
Heavy Cream 400 ml
Parmesan Grated 120 g
Salt To taste
Black Pepper Crushed To taste
Parsley Chopped 10 g


  1. Blanch the Spaghetti in boiling salted water to Al-dante and drain it in colander.
  2. Heat Butter or oil in a pan, Add the pancetta or bacon to it, saute it for 3-3 minutes until meat renders the fat.
  3. Add the boiled and drained spaghetti to it and toss till it gets hot.
  4. Blend the Egg yolk, Cream and Parmesan cheese and put the mixture into pasta
  5. Cook the mixture gently by heating constantly and stir in single direction to avoid the curdling of the egg mixture
  6. When get cooked adjust the seasoning with salt and pepper.
  7. Before serving garnish it with the chopped parsley and parmesan shavings