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Chocolate Day

Chocolate Day Messages

We’ve Known Each Other,
For A Long Long Time,
But I Never Really Noticed,
All The Magic In Your Eyes,
I’ve Been Around You,
A Thousand Times Before,
And You’ve Always Been A Friend To Me,
Happy Chocolate Day.

I’ve Reading Abt The Ill Effects Of Chocolates..
So I Decided…
That It’s Better That I Give Up Reading!!:P
Happy Chocolate Day Guys.. Enjoy A Chocolaty Day..

9th Feb…
Love Dis Day!!!
Chocolate Nd Friends R 2 Best
Medicines Than Laughter 4r Me…
So My All Choco Frnds Njoy D Day Wid Tons Of Chocolate!
Happy Chocolate Day..

Happy Chocolate Day.
Its Not 4 Only Eating Chocolate
Its Represent That We Never Do
Misunderstand And Hate……
Happy Chocolate Day………..

Proposing Someone Means To Express Your True Feeling To Him/Her And Ask Forallowance To Live Together. Proposal My Be For

Friendship Or It May Be For Love. But While Proposing Someone Never Try To Make Fake Impression, Just Express Your Feelings

In Your One Way. If Some Has To Like Then He/She Should Like You The Way You Are.
Happy Choclate Day

Bay Every Bite Of Chocolate Spread Sweetness Wid U..
N Wash Up Da Bitterness…
Happy Chocolate Day To All Da Wonderful Ppl Around Me…..

Luv Defined By A 8 Yrs Old BOY:-
Luv Is-
Wen ‘SHE’ Rob My CHOCOLATES Evrydy 4m My Bag
&I Stil Keep It In D Same Place..?

A Kiss Is Like Chocolate Cake…
Today Is Chocolate Day, Dairy Milk 4 Love
If U R A Chocolate Ur The Sweetest
9th February Is Chocolate Day
This Is A Chocolate Message For A Dairy Milk Person
Little Bit Crunchy,Lots Of Nuts
You Are As Hard To Resist As Chocolates
You Surely Are Like A Sweet Deep Chocolate
My Darling You Are My Sweetest Chocolate
For Those Of You Who Can’t Afford
If Distances Bar You

Anyone Can Catch One’s Eye…
But It Takes A Special Someone,
To Capture Your Heart And Soul
And For Me That Special Someone Is YOU.
Happy Chocolate Day!!

Today 9th Of February Is Chocolate Day.
In Fact,
This Whole Week That Is Leading Up To
Valentine’s Day Is The Most Romantic Week.
This Week You Can Make
Your Loved One Feel That
He/She Is The Most Special Person
In Your Whole Life.
On Chocolate Day,
As The Name Suggest,
You Gift Chocolate To Your Sweetheart.

It’s Time For Celebrating
Love And Affection This Week.
The Valentine Week Is Going On.
Today Is Chocolate Day.
Lovers Exchange Chocolates On This Occasion
To Express Love For Each Other.
Happy Chocolate Day

2 Day Is Choclate Day
Dairymilk 4 Love
Kitkat 4 Scpial
Bounty 4 Cool
Mars 4 Best Frend
Sonat 4 Cute
Galaxy 4 Staylish
Wath Will You
Give Me?

You Are As Hard To Resist As Chocolates
Or Soft And Delicious
Slight Bitter Or Sweet
I Thank God For Every Movement
For Making Us Meet

Today 9th February Is Chocolate Day,
Probably The Sweetest Day Of The Valentine’s Week
Literally Speaking.
This Day Of Valentines Week
You Would Be Searching For Best Chocolate Day Greetings,
Chocolate Day Messages,
Chocolate Day Quotes And Chocolate Day Scraps
Then Here Is Some Tips To Get Started.
Happy Chocolate Day

For Those Of You Who Can’t Afford
The Luxury Of Treating Your Precious Darling
With Spa Treat Can Always Go Ahead
And Convey Chocolate Day Greeting
By Laying Hands Of Lindts,
Ferro Rocher Or Hershey’s Vouchers For Chocolate Day
Is All About Splurging And Ladies
Do Have A Fondness For Foreign Brands.

Comparison Of A
1-Both R SWEET At Any TIME,
2-Melt SLOWLY,
4-More Enjoyable When NO One IS WATCH.

If U R A Teddy Bear U R The Most Huggable,
If U Are A Star U R The Brightest,
And Since U R My ?
Sweet Heart
“Happy Chocolate Day”

My Valentine,
Why Would I Bring You Chocolate
When You Are The Treat.
My Valentine,
Why Would I Bring You Flowers
When Your Smell Is What’s Sweet.
My Valentine,
Why Would I Buy You A Card
When The Words Can Be Heard Through Me.
My Valentine,
Why Would I Take You Out Some Place
When All I Need Is To See Your Face.
My Valentine,
Why Would I Celebrate This On One Special Days,
When I Can Do It Always.

Think Positive…
Look At The World
As 1 Huge Chocolate Cake
It Would Not Be Complete Without
A Few Sweets & Nuts
Sweets Like Me & Nuts Like You…
Happy Chocolate Day

Lollypop Said To Chocolate
U Were The Sweetest People On This Earth.
The Chocolate Said Wait,
I Think You Have Not
Met The Person Reading This Message!!!

What’s The Difference Between
Wife N Neighbours Wife?
Wife Is A Chocolate,
Can Have Any Time.
Neighbour’s Wife Is Like An Ice-Cream,
Shud Hv Immediately.
Happy Chocolate Day