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Parents Day

Happy National Parents Day

National Parents Day is a Special Days to honor your mother and father. And, its a time to celebrate the family structure and family values. The family unit is an important structure for the health of children, and the nation. That structure, and those values, are established and nurtured by your parents.

Family is the fundamental unit of a society and parents and children are the pillars of it. Parents are a child’s ideal. They play important role in the development of a child by directing them to become a mature and responsible citizen. They make their child led a comfortable life. Parents are a teacher, well-wisher, mentor, role-model and protector to their children. Hats off to their unconditional love and the hard work they employed to brought up their children and make them that able that they face in the crowd.

Their debt can’t be paid back. Yet the children celebrate Parents’ Day every year to honor their mom-dad for their care. Though Parents’ Day is not observed on the same day in every country, but majority of countries in the world including US celebrate it on fourth Sunday of July Other countries like Korea celebrates The Parents’ Day on May 8 every year, whereas Vietnam celebrates it on July 7.
Parents' Day provides an opportunity to recognize and promote parenting as a central vocation for our families and communities.

More than just a time to celebrate, it is an occasion to make a statement about what is important in our society. It is a chance to create a positive tradition based on a core axiom – that the role of parents is crucial in the nurturing and development of children, and thus requires investment, focus, and commitment.