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4 Leadership Tips for Better Communication

When you communicate with your employees, are you really just talking to yourself? Ann Herrmann-Nehdi explains that to connect with all employees we have to pay attention to all mindsets and preferences, not just our own. Here are 4 communication tips for...

Added: 14 Dec 2012 06:35 pm
From: deepak171
Views: 3087

Preview Grant Training Course 1030: Financial Management Systems for Non-profit Organizations

See more at http://www.myfedtrainer.com/category/courses-and-support/nonprofits/ Preview a sample of course 1030 Financial Management Systems for Federal Grant Recipients. This course is designed for Non-profit Organizations and covers Grant Management...

Added: 14 Dec 2012 06:36 pm
From: parveen51
Views: 1504

Financial Planning 101 Introduction | Financial Management Basics

How do you make your life better? get more control? protect your family? Create a personal financial plan. Start here! The main reason for planning is to get things done faster and avoid problems. Examples of plans include things as simple as a shopping ...

Added: 14 Dec 2012 06:36 pm
From: Ruchi31
Views: 2223

Bra Business

Added: 17 Dec 2009 05:38 pm
From: b4Bhavika11
Views: 1596

100%" hyperinflation.

People sign petition to "increase inflation to 100%" to cause hyperinflation.

Added: 11 Dec 2009 02:12 pm
From: vasant21
Views: 1777

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