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Top Five Reasons ScarJo Can Do Anything (2014) Lucy Movie HD

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Top Five Reasons ScarJo Can Do Anything (2014) Lucy Movie HD
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Top Five Reasons ScarJo Can Do Anything (2014) Lucy Movie HD

In anticipation of her action thriller "Lucy," we count down the Top Five Reasons we think Scarlett Johansson can do anything!

Lucy http://goo.gl/E3mWmc
An American Rhapsody http://goo.gl/lk7KX6
Captain America: The Winter Soldier http://goo.gl/AKZiok
The Avengers http://goo.gl/nP8Uk0
Lost In Translation http://goo.gl/119vbR
Match Point http://goo.gl/Ou9Uqv
The Island http://goo.gl/RhI2w3
Don Jon http://goo.gl/8FMu7U
Her http://goo.gl/OQ2hQp
Girl with a Pearl Earring http://goo.gl/QZWJeY
In Good Company http://goo.gl/BFDq4b
The Other Boleyn Girl http://goo.gl/qQKnjz
The Perfect Score http://goo.gl/W1dAwD
The Spirit http://goo.gl/lpKvgX
Under the Skin http://goo.gl/8taygH

Music Credits:
"Young and Old Know Love" by YouTube Sound Library
"Eine Kleine Nachtmusik" by Mozart
"Lonely Void" by Mica Levi (Under the Skin Trailer)
"Cig Swaag" by YouTube Sound Library

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