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Kerbal EDU: Rocket Science!

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mahiannu [38]
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Kerbal EDU: Rocket Science!
Hey guys, I decided to make a video about the rocket sience very few people surprisingly talk about. Some of the stuff comes really short because I wanted to keep the video "simple". While my simulations shown are not 100% accurate I hope they give you a look in what you can do with maths and what it is used for in rocket science. Temperature distribution is just one of many topics. Other important areas are fluid dynamics (how does the pressurized fuel behave) and of course structural stresses on the rocket body itself. The methods stay the same you just have to switch the equations. A shoutout to the guys on the KSP forums for sharing their Kerbal 3D models. It saved me quite some time!

I really hope you will like it :-)

Video Added on : 16 Jan 2015 07:56 am
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